The New CloudFormation IaC Generator on AWS

The New CloudFormation IaC Generator on AWS

Automating Infrastructure Management

The CloudFormation IaC Generator, a recent addition to the AWS CloudFormation suite, is a game-changer for infrastructure management. It simplifies and automates the process of creating Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates, saving you time and effort while promoting consistency and repeatability.

With this new feature, you can discover resources in your AWS which are currently not deployed using IaC and generate a cloud formation template to manage your infrastructure more efficiently.

Here's how it works:

Discovery and Analysis:

  1. Initiate a Scan: Start by launching a scan of your AWS account. This scan identifies existing resources and their relationships, building a comprehensive understanding of your infrastructure.

  2. Select Resources: Choose the specific resources you want to convert into an IaC template. This could be an entire application or a specific set of components.

Template Generation:

  1. Template Creation: The IaC Generator leverages the discovered resource information to automatically generate a CloudFormation template. This template defines the selected resources and their configurations using the CloudFormation template language.

  2. Customization: You can refine the generated template to meet your specific needs. Add parameters, modify properties, and incorporate best practices for enhanced control and optimization.

Deployment and Management:

  1. Stack Creation: Use the generated template to deploy a new CloudFormation stack, provisioning your infrastructure in a codified and repeatable manner.

  2. Management: Treat your infrastructure as code. Make changes to the template, deploy updates, and manage your resources through CloudFormation, ensuring consistency and version control.


  • Reduced Manual Effort: Automates IaC template creation, freeing you from time-consuming manual configuration.

  • Improved Consistency: Ensures consistent infrastructure deployments across environments, reducing errors and drift.

  • Enhanced Repeatability: Makes it easier to replicate and rebuild your infrastructure, streamlining deployments.

  • Simplified Management: Manages infrastructure through code, enabling version control and easier updates.


Remember, the IaC Generator is still under development, so some features and limitations may apply. However, it represents a significant step forward in simplifying infrastructure management on AWS, and its capabilities are sure to evolve and expand in the future.